Building Responsible and Resilient UK Manufacturing Supply Chains

Our Vision

To develop, grow, and anchor supply chain capability and resilience in the UK by leveraging fundamental and applied supply chain research knowledge.

As a result, the UK’s high-value manufacturing base will be strengthened against emerging new challenges and disruptions, and efforts to increase UK based manufacturing will be accelerated.

Improving supply chain productivity

We offer companies access to key strategies they can use to achieve a significant increase in productivity by implementing effective supply chain management practices.

Building UK manufacturing capability

We provide manufacturing companies with access to our extensive network of partners to co-create solutions and share expertise, allowing for cross-industry knowledge transfer. In addition, we provide a wide range of supply chain training to help the industry’s workforce become more skilled.

Designing Supply Chains for Emerging Technologies

We promote technological innovation by developing strategic and commercially viable supply chains for emerging technologies in order to establish capability in the UK (e.g. a UK-based electric vehicles supply chain).

Developing sustainable supply chains

We are accelerating the UK’s transition to a net zero future by developing sustainable supply chains, with a focus on circular economy practices for regional supply chains, exploring innovative models of distributed manufacturing and investigating the best sourcing options to secure manufacturing in the UK.

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