Company name Software name Inbound processing Order management Inventory management Picking and packing Outbound operations Yard management Path optimization Return Labor management Extra Key Features Acquisition/Partner Customer Industry Customer size Deployment approach Remark Website
Blue Yonder Blue Yonder Warehouse Management
Expand Parcel operations, Intuitive & configurable user experience
Expand Acquired
Blue Yonder-a market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for retail and supply chain
Yantriks - help customers unify inventory and fulfilment data into a single platform to create personalized digital commerce experiences
Manugistics - provides supply chain management, and demand and revenue management software products and services
RedPrairie-WMS applications
I2 Technologies-a full-service supply chain management service provider
Expand Retail hardlines and softlines, Process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Grocery, Restaurant and foodservice, 3rd party logistics, Wholesale and distribution
S/M/L -
Expand Blue Yonder Warehouse Operations provides a deeper view into productivity and other labor parameters. It focuses your work force on the most importance tasks at a given time, based on parameters you define with optimized tasking.
Körber Körber K.Motion WMS
Expand Warehouse transfers can integrate with automation equipment
Expand Acquired:
Expand Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and third-party logistics, fashion, food and beverage, automative, Petrochemical,Pharmaceutical & Life Science
S/M/L On-premises, Cloud
Expand A German company, provide full SCM solutions
Highjump HighJump™ WMS
Expand Acquired by Körber in 2017
Expand Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and third-party logistics
S/M/L Cloud
Expand Located in the USA
Aptean Aptean irms|360 WMS
Expand Business Intelligence
Expand Acquired by Sanderson in 2018
Expand Wholesale distribution, consumer packaged goods manufacturing, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Retail, Healthcare and Life sciences
S/M Cloud - Website
Aptean Aptean Catalyst WMS (acquired UK software company Sanderson in 2018)
Expand Additional: labour management, TMS, route planning, slotting, supplier link, supplier quality, yard management system and appointment scheduling
Expand Acquired by Sanderson in 2018
Expand Wholesale distribution, consumer packaged goods manufacturing, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Retail, Healthcare and Life sciences
S/M Cloud - Website
Sanderson Sanderson
Expand Replenishment, and stocktaking
Expand Acquired:
Expand Wholesale, Food and drink, 3PL/4PL, Pharma, Cold Stores, Retail
M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand Integrate with voice picking, RF scanning to improve picking efficiency, also optimise storage capability and increase resource efficiency through embed warehouse map
SAP Extended Warehouse Management
Expand Specify packaging, Manage batches, serial numbers, and catch weights, Schedule dock appointments, Perform cross-functional analytics and support compliance and traceability processes
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
Contextor - a European leader in the design and integration of robotic process automation
Qualtric-data management
Coresystems-a leading field service management platform
CallidusCloud-a global leader in cloud-based Lead to Money (Quote-to-Cash) solutions
Expand Energy and Natural resources, Discrete industries, Financial services, Service Industry, Consumers industries and Public services
L On-premise, Cloud
Expand EWM will replace WMS from 2025
Oracle Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud -
Expand Full support for License Plate Numbers (LPNs), Perform value added services &, kitting, Integrate to automation equipment, Set material handling productivity goals, Manage dock appointments, Supply Chain Analytics & Dashboards
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
CrowdTwist - a leading cloud-native customer loyalty solution provider
Oxygen Systems-Professional Services
Talari Networks-Software-Defined Wide Area Network technology
NetSuite - Cloud/SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
Expand Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services industries.
S/M/L Cloud - Website
Infor Infor -
Expand Infor was acquired by Koch Industries, Inc in 2020. It is a independent company and its recent acquisition examples:
Vivonet - a hospitality solution provider
Birst - BI and analytics provider
Predictix-Retail software
GT Nexus - SCM
Lawson Software-ERP
Expand Fashion, Food & Beverage, Retail, Distribution, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, High Tech & Electronics, Public Sector, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Casinos & Gaming, Hotels & Resorts
S/M/L On-premises, Cloud - Website
IBM IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System
Expand Catalog Management, IBM Sterling Supply Collaboration, IBM Sterling Warehouse Management System, IBM Sterling Application Platform
- - L Web-based - Website
Zetes ZetesChronos Logistics Execution - - - -
Expand Acquired by Panasonic Corporation in 2017
- S/M/L Cloud
Expand Their logistics execution system is similar to other company's WMS
Expand Automation, Slotting optimisation
- - M/L Cloud
Expand Integration with warehouse execution system
Expand Manufacturing, CPG, 3rd logistics, automotive and aerospace, government and education, unitlity. Industrial strength, food and pharma grade
S/M/L On-premises, Cloud
Expand Located in the USA. True dynamic planning and scheduling, optimized work-flows for both execution and planning, with ease-of-use directed work flows.
Synergy Synergy SnapFulfil
Expand Demand Management
Expand retail and e-commerce, third party logistics (3PL), manufacturing, subscription commerce
S Cloud
Expand Small size UK company,Located in Derbyshire, provide could-based warehouse management software and warehouse picking tool to reduce labour walking distance
Orderwise Orderwise Warehouse Management (WMS)
Expand Warehouse Robotics, Mobile WMS for Android, Courier Integrations BI alerts, Returns
Expand Wholesale distribution, Merchant and Trade counter, Retail, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Apparel and Footwear
S/M On-premises, Cloud
Expand With 30 years of experience in providing software, Orderwise also provide Robotics solutions
K-store K-store E-Commerce WMS System
Expand Reporting and analysis of operations and performance
Expand Household items, Packaging items, Electrical products, Perishable goods and food, Hardware sales, Distribution
S On-premise
Expand small size company focus on E-commerce warehouse management, and provide picking system
Optima Optima
Expand Reporting additional module: Courier Module, Online Marketplace and RF scanning module utilising barcode system
Expand Warehousing and logistics companies packaging, manufacturing and e-commerce.
S On-premise
Expand Headquartered in Stafford, Optima provides warehouse management solutions across the UK and Europe.
Princpial Logistical Princpial Logistics In-dex Warehouse Management - -
Expand 3PL, Bulk Commodities, Cold Storage, Food & Beverage, Hazardous Goods, Wholesale and Distribution, Frozen Chilled Food, Manufacturing
S/M Cloud
Expand With 25 years experience in SCM and WMS, Located in Dublin and Warwick
Dexterity Logistical Dexterity WMS Software
Expand Stocktaking Works Orders & Bill of Materials (BOM)
S On-premise
Expand UK based warehouse management company. They provide barcode driven warehouse management solutions
Indigo Indigo Wholesale & Distribution WMS - - - - - -
Expand Consignment Management, Voice Enablement, Advanced Ship Notifications
Expand Food & Drink,Fashion & Apparel, FMCG & High Technology, Automotive, Wholesale & Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Cosmetics, Cold Chain Cold Storage
M/L On-premise
Expand 40 years focus on WMS. Durham based UK company with branch in Hong Kong for APAC region.