Company name Software name What-if scenario planning Inventory planning Supply planning Demand planning Sales & Operation Execution Extra Key Features Acquisition/Partner Customer Industry Customer size Deployment approach Remark Website
Blue Yonder Blue Yonder Luminate Planning Network design, Production, Merchandise Financial, management
Expand JDA acquired Blue Yonder
Expand Retail hardlines and softlines, Process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Grocery, 3rd party logistics, Restaurant and foodservice, Wholesale and distribution
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand Its S&OP strong capability in financial impact analysis and planning, global planning support, performance management and analytics, and project planning.
Oracle "Oracle Oracle Cloud Sales and Operations Planning (Oracle Cloud S&OP) Supply simulation, Capacity planning
Expand Acquired:
Interlace Systems-a provider of Integrated Business Planning tools
Demantra, a provider of demand planning software
Expand Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services industries.
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand In-memory processing
E-2open E-2open Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Automation of data gathering and processing, Machine learning forecasting algorithms
Expand Acquired:
Amber Road-Global trade mgt
Cloud Logisticss-Transportation mgt
INTTRA- Ocean shipping network
Orchestro and Terra Technology
Steelwedge-a provider of cloud based collaborative demand planning and S&OP software
Expand Manufacturing, Apparel, technology, food, chemical, etc.
S/M/L Cloud
Expand U.S.-based vendor. It can extend to the next level—multi-enterprise S&OP (with supplier and logistics network). Provide Demand Sensing software. Benefits: inventory reduction-15-30%, revenue increase 1-2% and margin increase 3-5%, planning cycle time reduce 50-70%
Quintiq DELMIA Quintiq’s Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) - Data gathering and PLM, Financial review
Expand formerly Quintiq, acquired by Dassault Systèmes
Expand Food & beverage, oil & gas, aluminum, electronics, steel, packaging, chemicals, cement and aggregates
S/M/L Cloud
Expand Dassault Systèmes is a publicly traded French software company with global operations. Utilise 3D experience of Dassault. Its S&OP has advanced modelling and proven in-memory optimization capabilities. Benefits:rapid deployment of the system and quick configuration to your company’s specific requirements with 24/7 support and mobile capability. But it may have future automation of S&OP decisions.
Logility Logility Integrated Business Planning Automate and facilitate the planning process, Product lifecycle management
Expand Acquired:
Demand Solutions
Expand Consumers goods, Furniture/ Duranble goods, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Life science, Porcoess/chemical, Retail, Service/Aftersale market, Apparel/softgoods, Wholesale distribution
S/M/L Cloud
Expand US based software company, Provide Demand Sensing software, Integrate S&OP with long term planning, In-Memory SaaS architecture
Vanguard Software Corporation Vanguard Predictive Planning™ for S&OP Workflow management
Expand Acquired by Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services
Expand Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Spare Parts, Retail, CPG, Food & Beverage
S/M/L Cloud
Expand U.S.-based private software vendor. Focus on planning solution with Vanguard Predictive Planning™ Provide Demand Sensing software
Kinaxis Kinaxis Sales and Operations Planning -
Expand Acquired
Rubikloud-CPG AI specialist with demand sensing and planning capabilities
Partering with Resilience360 to improve the capability of detecting supply chain risks
Expand Aerospace & defence, Automotive, Consumer products, High-tech and electronics, Industrial, Life sciences
S/M/L Cloud
Expand All S&OP/IBP functionality included in S&OP foundation
QAD DynaSys QAD DynaSys S&OP -
Expand Acquired by QAD
Expand Automotive, food and beverage, consumer goods, distribution & wholesale, Life sciences(focus on the discrete manufacturing vertical industry)
S/M/L Cloud
Expand QAD is a French ERP company. Use in-memory data, inventory reduction by 15-60%, working capital reduction by 5-25%
SAP SAP Integrated Business Planning- Sales Operation Planning module -
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
Contextor - a European leader in the design and integration of robotic process automation
Qualtric-data management
Coresystems - a leading field service management platform
CallidusCloud-a global leader in cloud-based Lead to Money (Quote-to-Cash) solutions
Recast.AI-improve SAP products conversational capability with AI power
Expand Energy and Natural resources, Discrete industries, Financial services, Service Industry, Consumers industries and Public services
Expand On-premise, Cloud (but will stop on-premise by 2025)
Expand A part of SAP IBP, which can be deployed alongside any ERP instance top line growth by 1-2% working capital reduction by 5-15%
Toolsgroup Toolsgroup Multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), Web-based demand and supply collaboration hubs
Expand It partners with SC or software companies in different regions
Expand Aftermarket Parts, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, Wholesale Distribution
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand Privately US based software company, a global provider of inventory optimization solutions, Provide Demand Sensing software.
Outperform Outperform S&OP Workflow management -
Expand Process manufacturing sector, particularly food and beverage companies
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand Headquarter in Netherlands. Focus on S&OP solution. Outperform serves S&OP customers primarily in Western Europe and North America and South Africa. Provide 30 days free trial
River Logic River Logic S&OP - -
Expand Building Products, Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Utilities
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud
Expand U.S.-based private software vendor. The platform is primarily available on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Annual revenue/profit improvement by 2-5% working capital reduction by 15%. A provider for optimization-based prescriptive solutions.