Company name Software name Planning and optimization Execution Transportation modeling Shipment Management Procurement Order management Visibility and Event Management Business Intelligence Extra Key Features Acquisition/Partner Customer Industry Customer size Deployment approach Remark Website
Oracle Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
Expand Rate Management, Booking and Tendering, Business Process Automation, Freight Payment, Billing and Claim, Forwarding and Brokerage Operations, Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
CrowdTwist- a leading cloud-native customer loyalty solution provider
Oxygen Systems-Professional Services
Talari Networks-Software-Defined Wide Area Network technology
NetSuite-Cloud/SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
Expand Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services industries.
S/M/L Cloud - Website
Blue Yonder Blue Yonder Transportation Manager
Expand Supplier collaboration, Interactive workflows with warehouse management
Expand Acquired
Blue Yonder-a market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for retail and supply chain
Yantriks help customers unify inventory and fulfilment data into a single platform to create personalized digital commerce experiences
Manugistics provides supply chain management, and demand and revenue management software products and services
RedPrairie WMS applications
I2 Technologies-a full-service supply chain management service provider
Expand Retail hardlines and softlines, Process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Grocery, Restaurant and foodservice, 3rd party logistics, Wholesale and distribution
S/M/L Cloud - Website
Sanderson Sanderson CALIDUS TMS
Expand CALIDUS Online Portal, Movement control, Real-time Communications, Equipment tracking, Tariff and billing facilities
Expand Acquired by Aptean
Expand Wholesale, Food and drink, 3PL/4PL, Pharma, Cold Stores, Retail
S Cloud
Expand Multi-Modal Transport Management
E2open E2open transportation and Logistics Intelligent Application Suite
Expand Rates and Schedules Management, In-Transit Visibility, Predictive ETA, Container Management, Global Logistics Visibility
Expand Acquired:
Amber Road-Global trade mgt
Cloud Logisticss-Transportation mgt
INTTRA - Ocean shipping network
Orchestro and Terra Technology
Steelwedge - a provider of cloud based collaborative demand planning and S&OP software
Expand Manufacturing, Apparel, technology, food, chemical, etc
S/M/L Cloud - Website
SAP SAP Transportation Management (TM)
Expand Freight costing and settlement, Analytics and reporting
- - L On-premise, Cloud - Website
Manhattan Associates Manhattan Associates TMS Basic visibility
Expand Transportation planning and execution, Fleet/Dispatch Management, Freight Audit, Payment and Claims, Carrier Management
Expand Acquired:
Evant Tech- a provider of multi-channel planning and replenishment solutions
Global Bay-a provider of next-generation mobile retail solutions online resource for™ software
Performance Analysis- a provider for packaged slotting software
- S/M/L Cloud - Website
C.H Robinson C.H. Robinson Managed Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
Expand Rate Management, Sport Bid, Yard Management, Dock Scheduling
Expand Automotive, Manufacturing, Postage and packing, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage
S/M/L Cloud
Expand All modes of transportation,Predictive analytics, a subsidiary division of C.H.Robinson
C.H Robinson C.H. Robinson Freightview
Expand Quoting, booking, tracking, and reporting
- - S Web-based - Website
One Network One Network Intelligent Logistics
Expand Global trade management, Financial and claims settlement, Carrier Services
- - S/M/L Cloud - Website
Elemica Elemica’s Logistics Management Suite
Expand Control Tower, Network of Carriers, Time Slot Management, Freight Spend Management
Expand Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical
S/M/L Cloud
Expand Road and ocean Transport Execution
MercuryGate MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS)
Expand Dynamic Process Improvement, ate Repository, Multimodal Rating, Carrier Management, Freight Rate Index, Extended: Fleet management, Dock Scheduling, Procurement software and Parcel
Expand Carrier, Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Food and Beverage, 3PLs
M/L Cloud
Expand Singularly focused on strategic freight transportation management automation, all modes of transportation
Transplace Transplace Transportation Management System (TMS)
Expand Automotive,Chemical, CPG, Electronics and Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Packaging, Retail, Food and Beverage
S/M/L Cloud
Expand Focus on logistics optimisation
Expand Carrier Management, Tracking and Visibility, Freight pay and audit, Financial Management, Claims Management
Expand Grocery, Retail and E-commerce, Manufacturing,Wholesale and distribution, Chemical
S/M/L Cloud
Expand US based company. All modes of transportation, focus on transportation management system (TMS) with Freight Intelligence. Provide free version KUEBIX FREE SHIPPER
KUEBIX KUEBIX Premier Applications
Expand Dock Scheduler, Trimble Visibility, Allowance Manager, Vendor Compliance Manager, Container Tracking
Expand Grocery, Retail and E-commerce, Manufacturing,Wholesale and distribution, Chemical
S/M/L Cloud - Website
Descartes Descartes TMS
Expand Freight audit. Advanced feature: Parcel shipping, dock scheduling and Yard Management, Private and dedicated fleet, Pool and Retail distribution, real-time visibility, Global Logistics Network
Expand Retail, Transportation and Logistics,Manufacturing and Distribution,Field Service & Sales
S/M/L Cloud
Expand Focus on logistics optimisation
SupplyStack SupplyStack
Expand TMS Essentials: Advanced rate card management, Dynamic carrier selection. Extra Cost approval process, Guided consolidation. Carrier integration, TMS +, Transportation Control Tower. Partner Portals, Advanced Analytics. Real-Time Visibility, Invoice Matching.
- - S Cloud
Expand Based in Belgium. All modes, all covered, from FTL, LTL, Parcel, to Ocean, Air, and Rail.
Mandata Mandata
Expand Operate & Monitor; POD/Invoicing; Customer Service
Expand Companies of all sizes, in all sectors of the road transport industry
S On-premise, Cloud
Expand UK based company, the software can be customised to 1-10 vehicles, 10-30 vehicles and more than 30 vehicles.
IntelliTrans IntelliTrans Transportation Management System
Expand Mobile App, Invoice Audit & Payment
- - S/M/L Cloud
Expand US based company.