Company name Software name Purchase Management Demand Management Production Planning ? Warehouse Management Distribution Planning Transportation Management Supplier Relationship Management Workforce/Labour Management Extra Key Features Acquisition/Partner Customer Industry Customer size Deployment approach Remark Website
SAP SAP Integrated Business Planning
Expand SAP Supply Network Collaboration, Enterprise Asset Management, Integration Management, SAPPHIRE NOW
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
Contextor - a European leader in the design and integration of robotic process automation
Qualtric-data management
Coresystems-a leading field service management platform
CallidusCloud-a global leader in cloud-based Lead to Money (Quote-to-Cash) solutions
Recast.AI-improve SAP products converational capability with AI power
Expand Energy and Natural resources, Discrete industries, Financial services, Service Industry, Consumers industries and Public services
L On-premise, Online - Website
Blue Yonder Blue Yonder Luminate Planning
Expand Space and Floor Planning, Logistics Network
Expand Acquired
Blue Yonder-a market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for retail and supply chain
Yantriks-help customers unify inventory and fulfillment data into a single platform to create personalized digital commerce experiences
Manugistics-provides supply chain management, and demand and revenue management software products and services
RedPrairie-WMS applications
I2 Technologies-a full-service supply chain management service provider
Expand Retail hardlines and softlines, Process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, Grocery, Restaurant and foodservice, 3rd party logistics, Wholesale and distribution
S/M/L Cloud
Expand formerly JDA Software
Oracle Oracle Cloud SCM
Expand Collaboration and Visibility Promotion Management
Expand Recent acquisition examples:
CrowdTwist- a leading cloud-native customer loyalty solution provider
Oxygen Systems-Professional Services
Talari Networks-Software-Defined Wide Area Network technology
NetSuite-Cloud/SaaS-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
Expand Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing and Distribution, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services industries.
S/M/L Cloud - Website
Infor Infor SCM
Expand Global Trade & Finance, Product Lifecycle
Expand Infor was acquired by Koch Industries, Inc in 2020. It is a independent company and its recent acquisition examples:
Vivonet- a hospitality solution provider
Birst- BI and analytics provider
Predictix-Retail software
GT Nexus- SCM
Lawson Software-ERP
Expand Fashion, Food & Beverage, Retail, Distribution, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, High Tech & Electronics, Public Sector, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Casinos & Gaming, Hotels & Resorts
S/M/L On-premise, Online - Website
Rootstock Cloud ERP SCM Software
Expand Replenishment
Expand Acquired
Expand Aerospace & Defense, Cannabusiness, Engineer to Order, High-Tech & Electronics, Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment & Manufacturers, Project Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors
S/M/L On-premise, Online
Expand Rootrock acquired Kenandy in 2018, a cloud EPR company to against SAP, Oracle-NetSuite, and Microsoft
Sage SCM - - - - - - -
Expand Sales management, Customer service, Collaboration, Workplace, Mobile, Complementary module, Sales Enterprise, Intelligence, Electronic Document Management, Sage data and analytics, Sage E-commerce
Expand Acquisition examples:
Compass- an analytics and benchmarking platform
PayChoice-a complete Online Payment Gateway solution
Fairsail, a Human Capital Management (HCM)
Interact Commerce Inc-CRM/contact management
Expand Distribution, process manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals and services.
S/L Cloud - Website
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management -
Expand Acquisition examples:
GitHub-a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration
Navision - ERP provider
Expand Distributor and manufacturer, CPG, Pharma, etc
S/M/L Online
Expand Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports manufacturing, distribution, services and public sector organizations, but is particularly strong in the retail and e-commerce industry. It can track projects and match them to contracts and purchase orders.
IBM IBM Sterling Supply Chain Management - - - - - -
Expand Return
Expand Acquisition examples:s
Nordcloud Instana TruQua Entreprise
Red Hat
Expand Manufacturing and electronics to retail and pharmaceuticals, etc
M/L On-premise, Online - Website
Epicor Supply Chain Management for Prophet 21
Expand Advanced Material Management, Shipping and Receiving.
Expand Manufacturing, Food and beverage, Timber and Building materials, Distribution, Service
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud - Website
Manhattan Associates Manhattan Active Supply Chain
Expand Slotting optimisation, Billing Management, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT
Expand Food distribution and grocery, Retail, Life sciences, Apparel and footwear, High-tech electronics, Third-party logistics
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud - Website
Logility Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform - - - - - - -
Expand Supply Optimization, Sourcing Management, Retail optimisation, Quality compliance, Product Life cycle management, Supply Chain data management
Expand Consumer Goods, Furniture / Durable Goods, Electronics,Retail,Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Process / Chemical, Service / Aftermarket Parts, Apparel / Softgoods, Wholesale Distribution
S/M/L On-premise, Cloud - Website