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Is Your Manufacturing Organisation Ready to Scale?

The Strategic Growth Readiness Index (SGRI) is a powerful, dual-module assessment toolkit designed to empower both OEMs and their suppliers to unlock their supply chains’ future growth potential. Developed by both the MTC and WMG, this tool combines the strengths of their existing resilience assessments, pinpointing supply chain weaknesses for strategic growth.

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Benefits of the SGRI:

  • Precision Assessment: Uncover your supply chains strengths and weaknesses in critical areas that impact scaling and pivoting, enabling targeted action.
  • Actionable Insights: Receive clear recommendations to enhance your operational capabilities, ensuring your readiness to meet new demands.
  • OEM and Supplier Alignment: Bridge the gap between OEMs and suppliers for optimised supply chain alignment and collaboration.

What to Expect from the SGRI:

  • Collaborative Assessment: A guided interview process led by an expert assessor to thoroughly evaluate your organisation and your suppliers.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Receive actionable insights designed to enhance your operational capabilities and future-proof your supply chains.
  • Interactive dashboard: A space for you to explore and analyse your score and recommendations in conjunction with your suppliers to identify problem areas and misalignment.

Unleash Your Growth Potential

The Strategic Growth Readiness Index empowers your organisation to make informed decisions based on challenges faced by your supply chain, so that they can scale through improved supplier alignment and collaboration.

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