Creating a stable plan by applying production wheel planning

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Despite having relatively predictable demand and high inventories, this industrial manufacturer still suffered occasional shortages of items and had to change production plans and schedules constantly in order to maintain service levels. Operating costs were unnecessarily high and day-to-day running of the supply chain was absorbing a disproportionate amount of management time due to fire-fighting.


The SupplyVue analytics tool was used to capture the supply chain transactional and planning data to understand the context and run an analysis of the current supply chain performance.

Demand signal was not stable
Opportunity to synchronise supply chain to the weekly demand pattern
Opportunity to standardise replenishment lead times
Too many short term changes
20% reduction in changeover time and cost
Levelled demand to stabilise and reduce shift patterns
Reduce inventory levels through reduced cycle times & increased conformance to plan
Dramatic reduction in scheduling changes