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Distributed Manufacturing

How prepared is your supply chain?

Assess your capability to perform effectively within a Distributed Manufacturing Supply Chain.

What is Distributed manufacturing?

Distributed Manufacturing (DM) refers to networked production planning of geographically dispersed production facilities for the aims of agility–responsiveness to customer demand, flexibility–robustness of the production network, and sustainability–seriousness of the manufacturing process’s environmental impact.

DM is also linked to the “distributed economy,” which is a more sustainable alternative network made up of local small-scale producers who use local resources, redefining efficiency, scalability, and the consumer-producer relationship.

distributedmanufacturing self-assessment tool

This readiness assessment tool will assess your ability to meet the requirements that the shift to distributed manufacturing will entail, as well as providing milestones for future improvement.

Gain in-depth insights

You will receive a tailored report that includes high-level maturity assessments and frameworks to help provide context and practical assistance for your supply chain’s preparation to support distributed manufacturing production models.