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Transform Construction Network Plus

Improving supply chain productivity in construction

The productivity in construction tool will help you benchmark your Supply Chain maturity level and set your roadmap for improvement.

Supply Chains in Construction

All too often, construction firms prioritise their own productivity over the productivity of the other firms with whom they collaborate. This reflects their inability to engage in a collaborative approach in which all firms involved in a construction project collaborate. This reduces overall productivity, resulting in cost and time overruns on projects. This is exacerbated further by a low rate of technological innovation, poor communication and coordination, and inefficient resource use.

Construction projects can be complicated, but excellent supply chain integration and planning processes can assist in determining an appropriate supply chain management strategy.

Supply chain productivity maturity assessment tool for construction firms

As part of the Transform Construction Network Plus (TCN+) initiative, WMG worked on developing a supply chain productivity maturity assessment tool for the construction industry. The primary goal of this tool is to allow construction companies to assess the maturity level of their supply chain productivity (SCP). It also advises them on how to manage it to provide high customer value at the lowest possible cost as a result of optimised supply chain processes. Firms are ranked using the ‘supply chain productivity maturity assessment tool,’ which has four levels: beginner, intermediate, experienced, and expert. Internal integration, external integration, planning capabilities, planning practices, and planning technology are the five key antecedents of Supply Chain Productivity.

Gain in-depth insights

You will receive a customised report that includes the overall supply chain productivity compared to the industry average, your current level of maturity, and essential strategies to help you frame your approach for the SCP improvement journey.